The Amazing Benefits compared to Salt Chlorinators

The most unique swimming pool purification system - From Only R4999 incl. Please let us know the size of your pool in liters.

Enjoy the benefits of sparkling clear water even when it rains. The only system on the market that reduces your pump run time to only a few hours a day saving you up to 80% on pump running costs. Turn your pump into an Eco pump and Save up to 80% on unnecessary wasted electricity that your pump normally uses. Our unit uses only 20 watts of power and will save up to 80% pump run time.

Enjoy a hassle free sparkling clear pool all year round, every day of the year. Dramatically reduce your chlorine costs by an amazing 90% and over.

Enjoy the benefits of sparkling clear water even when it rains. The only system on the market that reduces your pump run time to half your normal time. Now you CAN save 50% on unnecessary wasted electricity that your pump normally uses.

Your children and everyone will love it! No more allergies, smell of chlorine, sore red eyes or dry itchy skin or bleached hair. Your eyes will never burn or itch like they will when using any other system.

The Dolphin Ozonate is the only pool system which is completely ECO friendly and NON corrosive. It will not damage your piping or your pool paving it does not produce any harmful chemicals. It is completely safe for the environment. When you backwash the water through the garden it is now beneficial to all your plants and the environment and unlike most other pool sanitation systems it will never harm anything.

The only system on the market that has a TWO year replacement guarantee, which means if the system is faulty within this period we will replace it with a new one. We replace all faulty units and unlike most other companies we do not repair any faulty unit.

Internationally certified - Dolphin Ozonate has international approval it has been CE (European safety certification approved) and is also ROHS energy compliant approved which means it has the highest standards in energy efficiency compared to any other pool sanitation system on the market today.

The Most amazing swimming pool!!

The Dolphin will keep your pool water sparkling clear every day of the year, insuring your pool water to be free from algae even when it rains.

This natural process will also take the hardness out of your water. You will be swimming in soft mineral water that has been positively charged and has great benefits.

You will feel, see and be amazed by the difference of the water. GUARANTEED.

Technology Advanced

The Dolphin Ozonate system is electronically advanced and extremely lightweight - so light, it weighs less than a kilogram. 850grams to be exact.

The system is completely automatic and will automatically switch on and turn off with your pool timer settings.

Internationally Certified With A 2 Year Replacement Guarantee

Dolphin Ozonate has been internationally certified with a CE stamp of approval (Europe certified reliability standard) and is also ROHS energy compliant which is the highest standard of energy efficiency.

Every system comes with our TWO year replacement guarantee.

Unlike any other system that is on the market we only replace and do not repair any unit which is found to be faulty.

We strive in Service Excellence

Every unit gets quality checked twice, once before and once after leaving our factory. We strive in Service Excellence!!

How it works

Unlike salt chlorinators and other similar systems, The Dolphin Ozonate sanitation system uses natures own process of IONIZATION to keep your pool water or spa water sparkling clean and incredibly soft and healthy. By creating "Hydroxyl ions" in the water which is one of nature's natural sanitizers. This is produced naturally in nature in Glacier water and Mountain spring water. This process gives water some remarkable natural qualities. The system releases large amounts of oxygen.

Dolphin Ozonate creates a combination of the most powerful oxidizers available for water disinfection. These oxidizers, the oxygen atoms and hydroxyl ions, are responsible for eliminating body oils, sun tan lotions and as well as the dead organic matter. The

Dolphin Ozonate system produces oxidizers, measured in grams per minute, at a level that is not available by using any salt water pool chlorinators, ozone generators or ozonators. Be amazed by the best system available for your swimming pool or spa.

It does not use salt at all nor does it use or produce any corrosive chemicals or agents.

Our process is completely natural. The water which passes through the SYSTEM is "IONIZED" with a special electrical current which breaks down water into its positive and negative parts. These positive and negative charged particles release +02 Oxygen and Hydroxyl ions which will keep your pools PH naturally balanced and silky soft without having to check your PH.

This natural process will keep your water so soft and sparkling clear as well as releasing small amounts of copper and silver ions which are beneficial and act as an algaecide and bactericide so you will never have a green pool ever again.

Unlike any other system, Dolphin Ozonate is the only system on the market which is PH neutral, so you will never have to use acid or check and correct your PH ever (Your pool must be balanced and stabilized after installation)

Dolphin Ozonate guaranteed to keep your pool water sparkling clear all year round. You are GUARANTEED to see and feel the results within 2 days. Your pool will never be the same again!

The Only system that comes with our 2 year replacement guarantee

Every system comes with our TWO year replacement guarantee and is the only pool sanitation system on the market to offer this. Join the thousands of our highly satisfied clients around the world. NOW you also can afford to enjoy all these amazing benefits of an internationally recognized system. Chemical Free Swimming Pool

Experience pure swimming pleasure NOW!! in a SALT FREE, CHEMICAL FREE Swimming Pool!

Recommendations of Clients

Our clients are so chuffed with us, what after saving 90% and over on chemical costs and never again having a green pool ever again. We are proud of our service excellence. Join them now!! With thousands of satisfied and happy clients, here are just a few words of what our clients have to say.

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You will be amazed by this system. With so much more to offer compared to any other swimming pool system out there, you know our product is the best choice for your pool.

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