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With over 15 years experience in solar you have come to the right place we are direct importers distributors and installers of the latest solar equipment . We supply solar power equipment across Africa.

We supply our clients with complete solar solutions so that you can easily and affordably get off the grid.

Our dream affordable Solar for everyone!

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We also do complete gas installations we have the best gas appliances for complete off grid solutions and complete savings for you and your family and your business. See our gas page

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Electricity tariffs have gone through the roof and have increased at such a huge and alarming rate over the last 2 years that we are paying more than quadruple of what we were paying just 10 years ago. Imagine what we will be paying in another 10 years time? Eskom has just been awarded another 9% tariff increase. South Africa has now become one of the most expensive producers of electricity on the continent.

South Africa also exports its power to neighbouring countries at a much less of a rate then available locally so our neighbours are benefiting but not us.

Having a solar system makes complete sense in energy savings for future. Not only will you be contributing to a cleaner environment but you will also be contributing to great energy savings in your pocket.

Solar PV panels are now more affordable than ever before.(Finance is also available for ease of payment).

Can I start off with a smaller system and expand?

YES.This can be done in 2 phases.

The best way to start off is with a solar geyser system/s for your house and once you have seen the savings (Around 60% savings) We then calculate the next steps needed to either A) Take you off the grid completely or B) Reverse your meter as much as possible.(Also called a grid tie system) Let us know how many people are in your house, how many geysers you currently have and how many times a day people bath or shower.

It is very important to have the right size solar geyser for your house in order to have the best savings possible. Putting in a smaller geyser where there are more people will lead to much lesser savings. Let us advise you what size system/s is best.

We do complete solar systems from A-Z.

What is the difference between solar geysers and PV solar panels

Firstly solar geysers do not provide electricity they provide hot water using the suns natural heat. By absorbing the heat during the day through the collectors you have hot water at night. Even on cloudy days solar geysers can provide hot water.

Solar Photovoltaic panels are made to convert light into electricity through the surface of the panel and are not made to absorb heat and heat water directly. They are available in either 12volts, 24volts and 48volt systems.

How long does a normal installation take?

Solar geysers take a day to install and solar electric systems can take on average from 1-2 days to install depending on the size of the system.