Certified Gas Installers

We use reliable products and certified gas installers to guarantee you only have the best quality appliances and installers in the industry. We have the genuine desire to assist you in saving money because we have a true desire to keep you as a happy client. We give you service and quality that your truly deserve. – safety comes first!

SolaRize – your premier gas installer and supplier of LP Gas Appliances for domestic and commercial. We also do complete solar off grid all in one solutions Please have a look at our SOLAR page for getting completely off the grid.

Gas is much more efficient than solar heating as it is quicker and doesn’t have heat loss. We provide the finest and highest quality gas appliances and installation possible. We keep you safe which is our biggest priority- safety first. Gas not only saves power but time and completely off Grid. Gas is also extremely cost effective substitute to electricity. Avoid the high costs of electricity and savings and install gas appliances today.

We build solid relationships with our clients. With us you are given a market leading service and very competitive pricing.

So we can offer you an all in one energy savings with our latest and best products that technology has to offer.

Gas Installations, Gas Appliances, Maintenance & Repairs

Gas power means that you are no longer dependant on electricity.


Gas cooktops have a much clearer advantage. Gas not only saves you time but saves you energy costs it’s quicker and much more efficient. Gas hobs come in a variety of colours let us know what suits your requirements..


Gas geysers WILL save you a huge amount of cash each month with over 80% efficiency rate and 82% recovery rate. With a gas water heater, you'll have hot water when you need it, NO heat loss NO storage of water and no heat loss means you SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! If you shower or bath once a day a SOLAR geyser will be the best solution. For households that bath or shower twice a day then SOLAR is the way to go. Please visit our Solar geyser page if this is the case.(link to solar geyser page)


Gas heat delivers quick and efficient heat and gives you natural heat that lasts. It does not strip moisture from the air like electric heating. We have the best fireplaces to choose from at the best possible pricing. We also do gas space heating for specific places inside the house. Let us know your requirements.